Guaranteed Success: Three Tips to Ensure You Achieve Your Health Related Goals

Have you been thinking about losing weight, exercising more, running a 10k, or changing your diet?  Maybe, you want to drop twenty (or more) pounds before your vacation to the beach.  Or, you may be struggling with maintaining a healthy weight and need to add some pounds.  After beginning to work with clients I’ve found that there is one component that the successful people usually have that the unsuccessful clients are lacking.  The successful folks are psychologically ready and at a point where they are ready to throw out their old behaviors to become a healthier version of themselves.  Untitled Continue reading

Three Body Weight Exercises to Build Strength and Lose Weight

Between work, preparing for graduate school, writing, working on a business and maintaining my relationships I often struggle to find for the gym.  I think we can all agree that there are occasions when life happens and you can’t make your scheduled training session.  When I’ve found myself in this position in the past, I’ve relied on these exercises to give me a good workout.  In my opinion, the best part is that they require little or no equipment which means you can do them anywhere if you find yourself in a pinch.  Additionally, these are great movements if you are new to exercising.  They adequately work your muscles and the movements require little skill. Continue reading

The Paleo Diet: What is it and why do I follow it?

I was chatting with my friend Tyler earlier in the week about diet and he asked, “What is this paleo or caveman diet that you keep referencing?”  His suggestion prompted a couple of questions that I thought I could address and answer here at The Vitality Project.

Depending on how they're prepared, buffalo wings can be considered paleo.

Depending on how they’re prepared, buffalo wings can be considered paleo.

1.  What is the paleo diet?

2.  Why do I choose to follow this as closely as possible? Continue reading

Is CrossFit Safe? Pros and Cons After 10 Months of CrossFit

CrossFit is one of the fastest growing fitness crazes on the planet…and for good reason.  It incorporates some of the best components of many different exercise ideologies.  I’ve also found that there is a heavy emphasis on diet, community, and bettering yourself.  It took me one class and I was hooked.  I look forward to going to the gym because I always leave a better person than when I walked in the door.  CrossFit keeps me guessing and continually challenges the mental and physical capacities of my body.

photo (2)

However, there is also controversy Continue reading

Best of the Worst: 5 Healthy Choices at Fast Food Restuarats

By no means am I advocating the consumption of fast food. Even the good stuff is still bad for you. They use poor quality (regardless of what they say) foods that contain GMOs and are typically extremely high in sodium.

Fast Food cheesesteak from a trip to Philly last fall.

Fast Food cheesesteak from a trip to Philly last fall.

However…we have all been in situations where we are hungry and there are no other choices. Below you’ll find 5 fast food restaurants that are top ten sellers (gross sales from 2013) and what I would choose

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Is Running Good for Weight Loss? Three Reasons Why I don’t Run for Weight Loss

Running is great for weight loss, right?  In my experience, not quite.  If you are training for a specific sport or 5k, then go ahead and run away.  But as far as weight loss goes, I have found that running miles and miles each week has no place in my equation for sustainable success.  Below are three reasons why I don’t run for weight loss…

My last run was in Philadelphia...six months ago.

My last run was in Philadelphia…six months ago.

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Time for Bed: Four Easy Tips to Improve Your Sleep Quality

What do you do in your bedroom?  If you are like a large percentage of America, you probably do a little bit of everything.  You might text friends, check twitter, follow-up on email, watch TV before bed, watch TV when you wake up, etc…

My view after a night of  quality sleep on a backpacking trip at Red River Gorge.

My view after a night of quality sleep on a backpacking trip at Red River Gorge.

Is there anything wrong with this? Depends on the lens through which you view the scenario.  From one point of view, a person may view their  bed as a comfortable way to take care of business, update social media, or connect to their friends.  I, on the other hand,  see things quite differently.  How on earth am I supposed to expect my body to sleep when it is time sleep if I confuse it with other tasks while I’m in bed?  Below, I get into a little more detail about how you can make small changes that can dramatically impact the quality of your sleep.

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